Where you are, and What you can do about it

What it Might Be

Adversity, misunderstanding/s, misadventure, ungainliness, stumbles, slips of the tongue, wrong turns, righteousness, inappropriate attitudes, bullheadedness, ego, the wrong questions, bad timing, guilt, failure to forgive, being too poor, being too rich, stubbornness, reading the map upside down, petting a mad dog, betting on a sure thing, thinking you are always right, not admitting when you are wrong, not asking for directions, always following directions, greed, obsessive clarity, having bad breath when leaning in for the first kiss, missing the point, missing your turn-off, making a joke of the wrong thing, not seeing the joke in what you hold most seriously, spilling your coffee in your lap while talking on the phone while driving your car while changing the station. Anything that makes you take a second look. And what you do after that.

It's Turtles all the way down!

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