Why are you going where you are going? How did you get there? Now what?

bumpintheroad is an ever-expanding web site and blog dedicated to the journey thus far, the stumbles along the way, and how those stumbles can aid the continuing story of our travels through this rather odd thing we call life. Everyone stumbles. The trick is in how we pick ourselves up, and move forward with better humor, deeper wisdom, wider horizons.

While all the content 9written) and some of the images are the work of the Author, we invite you to offer your own story, your own stumble over the bumps in the road. None of us truly travels alone – it only seems that way sometimes. What was painful today has the potential to be funny, insightful, or downright ridiculous tomorrow. It also offers the potential to reshape your experience, lead you to better, more productive legs of your on-going journey. It just depends on how you choose to frame it.

To get a feel for what we are talking about, come over to the home of bumps, right here – http://www.bumpintheroad.net/

About admin

Stumbling down life's path with as much wisdom as anyone, less than most, more than some. Just keep getting back up, but always remember what you saw when you fell down. How is your journey going? What have you learned thus far? Those bumps are actually gifts - it all depends how you unwrap them, and especially, how you pass them on.
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