Artist's Bias

Every creator has a bias, and therefor an editorial policy. This is mine, take it or leave it. It is, after all, my journey which I am sharing with you, and which I am asking you to share with me and other. But in the end, I have final say over how things are presented, including tone and content, where those things either "fit" this place, or fail to, for various and sundry reasons. Please feel free to respond and contribute stories, opinions, graphics, events, anecdotes, insights, musings, meanderings, and sundry other items that reflect or respond to the nature of your journey, your experience with life's path that you find yourself on. I will add those items that seem to have the broadest appeal based on the beginnings presented for you here.

I reserve the right to edit for brevity, remove profanity (though you are free to say what you like, I will only display along the PG rating spectrum, as I hope that this site will draw travelers of all ages and perspectives), and forward any slanders to my well deserved reputation to the proper authorities. They like that sort of thing, and who am I to deny them their fun?

I do hope that this little journey is at the least entertaining, and at the best an aid and comfort to your own. Click Contribute Experiences to do so!

This is an ever-evolving journey. Spiral back here often.
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Artist's Bias
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