What is a BumpintheRoad?

What it Might Be
Adversity, misunderstanding/s, misadventure, ungainliness, stumbles, slips of the tongue, wrong turns, righteousness, inappropriate attitudes, bullheadedness, ego, the wrong questions, bad timing, guilt, failure to forgive, being too poor, being too rich, stubbornness, reading the map upside down, petting a mad dog, betting on a sure thing, thinking you are always right, not admitting when you are wrong, not asking for directions, always following directions, greed, obsessive clarity, having bad breath when leaning in for the first kiss, missing the point, missing your turn-off, making a joke of the wrong thing, not seeing the joke in what you hold most seriously, spilling your coffee in your lap while talking on the phone while driving your car while changing the tape. Anything that makes you take a second look.


What is on your list? Share it with your fellow travelers.

Bumpintheroad is open to submissions about your journey, your learning, your moments of awakening. Submit to the path, and the path shall lead you joyously astray!

How to Navigate on Your Journey

BumpintheRoad is a place and a journey, a state of mind, and a destination. Some links will take you further along the prearranged pathway. Others will take you sideways, linking to other pathways that began through a different Gate. 

If you encounter an Unexpected Journey Gate, (See the next column, over there >) you will depart from BumpintheRoad, and find yourself "slant-wise" on another site somewhere in the Great Web's embrace. If you see another such Unexpected Journey Gate on another site somewhere, it could well lead you back here, along one of the many-branching pathways. Or, it may lead you.....who knows where?! But then, that's half the fun! Have a great trip!

If you know of other interesting places on the Web that would make truely unusual vistas along any pathway, please let us know. We will seek them out, draw them into our journey, and make the road ever more interesting for all adventurous souls who pass this way......

Where it Might Lead

Wakefulness, understanding, 
second chances, 
new possibilities, 
changes of scenery,
changes of perspective,
clean socks,
cool water on a hot day,
your life unfolding.


A bump in the road wakes the sleepy driver. What wakes you up, what moves you off your spot, what shakes you to your core, what beats your drum and makes you dance? This many-branching path is a journey about journeys, real, metaphoric, spiritual, sordid, candid or vague. Share it, link it, dream it. 

Linking with bumpintheroad
To link with bumpintheroad, we offer a different approach than the conventional - no links for commercial purposes, or to commercial sites; links must be placed at random locations within the linked sites - for example, I am open to linking, but I have a
somewhat different idea about linking than other sites out there do. As you can see, the site is about journeys - actual and metaphoric, and the paths
we follow through life, both planned and unplanned. It is the Unplanned that I find most compelling. What I would like to do is plant links using a labyrinth icon

Unexpected Journey

 as a sort of unnamed linking to other sites, who would
also put a similar link on theirs, leading to sometimes the front, sometimes the middle, sometimes "slant-wise", if you will, on their site. A sort of randomizing factor to one's journey. Instead of a links "page", it becomes a divergence in the path, leading to unexpected surprises along the way. 

For example, I might place a labyrinth link from the middle of one of the six
(currently) gates/paths to somewhere on your site that makes an interesting
"bumpintheroad" impact on the travelers journey. You, in turn, might make a similar link either back to this site at a point of your choosing, or to someone else's site that carries the journey deeper and across more surprising terrain. 

 Go to the Boarding Area, and choose a Gate to begin your journey.

This is an ever-evolving journey. Spiral back here often.
Contribute experiences.

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