No, no, it's not green cheese. Sorry.

Somewhere in the Muddle

Not Going Too Smooth, Eh?!
Short on funds, low on gas, no shower for days, Burma Shave. Well, all signs pointed to something like this. Your only mistake was in thinking that it couldn't happen to you. But, Hey! Now is when you begin to get a glimpse of the reality of life - sometimes you gotta stink to find your way back to the pink!

The real bummer is that no one, and I mean absolutely no one, has a solution for this (oh, sure, there's that short term solution of a loan from the folks, but then they get to say "we told you so, kid")! Only you can get through this, 'cuz you got yourself into this!

Start with the first thing that pops into your head. probably won't work, but it will be an excellent lesson in doing better research before you committ to a direction. In fact, it probably won't be the next thing you think of, either, though you could get lucky, you never know. Wouldn't get too full of yourself if you are lucky, though. It's not exactly the start of a trend.

Most likely, you will eventually get through this muddle. Just stay ready for the next one. They seem to come along periodically. And you thought you did your last test when you graduated, eh?

The Difference Between Advice & Opinion
Just when you think you need it most, somebody volunteers their "advice". If you are particularly desparate, you will probably listen attentively, and if you have actually become delerious, you might even try to follow their "advice". Woe unto thee, my fellow traveller!

The truth is that 99.99999% of what is sold as "advice" is actually opinion. That's right, a belief aftifact, not dissimilar from the ones that got you into this muddle in the first place.

Opinions are formed when the warm waters of the Gulf of the Imagination get trapped beneath the Trade Winds of Self Delusion. It always results in an unusual form of precipitate known as Truth as I See It, or, in common parlance, Opinion.

Like a bad case of the crabs, opinions require significant effort to eradicate. Until then, they itch like the Truth, which no doctor seems able to succesfully define. Don't take my advice - take your own. That way, you only have yourself to blame.

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