Muddy Waters, Distant Horizons

What Must Be Abandoned
One day, you look out the window,
and that familiar tree is gone.

The birds that nested there
have departed.

You step outside, and find a hole
where your dreams used to play.

Down the street, the town that raised you has turned to dust.

When you turn back to your home,
it, too, has crumbled to the ground.

Where is it you think you are?

Where can you go now,
with no remaining ties to your past?

You can only begin to walk out,
into the world, in any direction.

Just like that first time, long ago,
when you started this long journey.

The Improbability of Clarity
You start off in this life seeking a perfection, that years later, remains unsatisfied. No truth emerges from the long hunt except that no truth emerges.

Nor was it worth the efforts expended trying to read between the lines. No truth, certainly, though no grand lies either.

Both poles - clarity, or deceit - fail to achieve anything like perfection.

The truth is muddy; the lies are sad; and the desire, obscure.

Why, then, the endless seeking?

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