Getting Help
The Theory of Rescue

Someone will save us, God
or Zorro, or the wind
will stop in time, the train
will make the bridge before the flood,
a boat will suddenly appear
as we go down for the third time.

We need to believe this, need
to have the great fortune
to have further fortune,
to hear the voice of comfort 
as our feet draw us to the edge,
to see the long-awaited face of love
at the crucial hour,
to have Oswald develop a sudden itch
at an importune moment.

The act itself is unimportant;
it is the need, the belief,
the certainty that this life needs us
too much
to permit an easy exit.

This is the theory of rescue:
because we only perish once,
let it be worthy of our imagination,
allow us to turn back the Enola Gay,
just once, stop the ovens
by the small gift of our lives,
spare all the innocent.

Save us from a futile death,
and make it count against the darkness
invented by the living.

Copyright 1995, Off Yer Duff Publishing, All Rights Reserved

What to do When You are Stuck



Pray to your personal god/s.

Pray to someone else's god/s.

Play a silly game.

Ask five different people's opinion. Follow none of those opinions. Form your own.

Call your mom. Listen this time.

Quit doing whatever it is that keeps getting you stuck.

Do something different.

Don't think of it as being stuck - think of it as an opportunity to take another path.

Have some ice cream. Not your usual flavor.

Follow this path
 Go back to the fork in the road

This is an ever-evolving journey. Spiral back here often.
Contribute experiences.

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