For Stephen, His Journey

Its really all about horizons, I suppose,
always beckoning, never arriving.

Each road we travel goes onward, endless.

It is like the sky that way - 
it always begins at the surface
of the eye,

Yet the eyes keep moving.

So the road begins where we step
upon its multiplicities,
no matter where that is.

Eyes, feet, desire
stretch out on this road
that empties into sky,

Starting here, going on.

In the Beginning...
In the early stage of any journey, there is aimlessness. Even when there is a plan, there is drifting at the start. We are letting go of the place we have left - we still carry it with us for some distance, and it acts like a gauze over our eyes, distorting our focus.

Don't fight this stage. Let it unfold slowly. Look at what you are still carrying with you from that other place. Ask the questions: why this, why now, what is left undone? 

Above all, don't panic.

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