Time is not a linear construct. We may pretend that this is the case, but that pretense tends to wreck havoc with our inate sense of what is. Some inhabitants of this planet have remained remarkably free of this delusion. The Tewa-speaking peoples of the Southwestern corner of the North American country known as the United States have far more than the limited past, present, and future as their notions of time. The Tewa have nearly ten different senses of time in their language, and hence, in their culture.

When we are on a journey, we begin to return to this broader sense of time, and timelessness. Things that are normally slow in our experiences tend to speed up, or even dislocate, fracture, multiply. Moments extend to hours, days, longer. Past and present become unified, the future blends with the past. Our inner sense of presence expands to include people and places located outside ourselves.

We become multiple, fractal, displaced from our conditional lives. We re-invest ourselves in the present moment.

We begin to realize our true timelines, the genetic echos from behind and before us ring the bell inside our heart. We travel further than we originaly intended.....intended.........intended.......

On a spherical planet, in a curved cosmos, all roads lead back upon themselves. Time also is circular, spiral, indeterminate. The circuitry in our brains tends to create information in the form of holgraphic, multi-dimensional music - music of the spheres.

We are always in the middle of a dance, keeping rythym with time, moving to a timeless rythym.

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