Wrong Turns
Was that a right, or a left? Straight ahead, or follow the curve? Maybe he was just having a little fun at my expense - after all, I am a stranger around here. Where the hell am I? And how do I get back?

Sometimes our journey gets a little twisted around. Where we wanted to go is not where we end up. Where we thought we were is someplace else. Who we thought we were becoming turns out to be another face altogether. 

Of course, we could consult the map, if we have one, that is. Often, however, the map just shows us roads and streets, not destinations. And certainly never journeys. As for who we thought we were becoming, well, getting lost occasionally is pretty good for the soul. It means you have to intensify the search.

Wrong turns, misdirections, lost moments, all these are not so much danger as opportunity. So this isn't where you expected to be just now, so what? Here you are. This is an opportunity to diverge from your predictable path, put yourself in the way of new and stretchy things, exhale and inhale in a new way. If you hadn't taken that left turn back there, you never would have seen this sunset in just this way. Good for you.

Unexpected Journey

After Watching "Smoke Signals"

That any of us are even alive is itself a miracle.
To expect that we will find our way in this world is perhaps wishing for too much.

Our eyes open,
and we find we have been set down here,
Without a clue as to purpose,
or mission,
or what will hurt us when we least expect it.

And somehow,
we are expected to meet this assault
as though we knew what was coming, and that of course, we can  handle it all.

So when some of us can't stop blinking,
stop stuttering,
stop talking to the spirits 
that no one else can see,
we are fearful of those people.

Because those people
have stopped pretending,
have stopped trying to fool themselves 
that sure,
they can handle this world,

They can handle being alive, sure,
no problem,
they can find their way 
in this world.

So, we have to tell ourselves another lie:
that those people have a problem,
those people need help.

But those people,
those people,
they know - 

we all need help.

Follow this path
Go back to the fork in the road

This is an ever-evolving journey. Spiral back here often.
Contribute experiences.

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