Openness to What Comes

The Wind Cuts Through It All

Hold tight, build high,
Cross your fingers, close your eyes,
Dig deep, close the portal,

Here it is, anyway,

The wind, the sound, the deep remorse,
for acts committed or neglected,

The fear, the sadness, the relentless longing
for desire postponed, for missed chances,
for delayed joy.

Drop the walls, the barriers, the tight fist,
it does no good.

What wants to enter, will do so.

You cannot stop it, nor diminish its power.

Let go.

Let the wind howl.


Howl back.



What Do You Hope To Accomplish?

Death will come for each of us one day, despite our best efforts to deny it, stave it off, pretend we are invincible. Sometimes, all the time, in fact, it's a surprise, even if the doctor tells us its coming. It is always a surprise - "What, me?! What kind of joke is this"? - but here it comes, anyway. Get over it.

The same is true for everything else in life - when its time for something to happen, it does. Its really quite simple - every win, every loss, every splinter, and every orgasm just is. This obsession with trying to make one thing happen and another thing not happen produces one big, fat, certain zero of a result.

Now, that doesn't mean we should not strive - of course we should. If you don't pull back the arrow, aim the bow, and let go, you will never hit a target. But the arrow more often hits just off the hoped for, the aimed at, the intended destination. Because the wind can shift, someone can cough, the planet spins, and we all just have to be content to hold on, sometimes and accept the curve ball, the apparent insult of plans that don't reach fruition. And then pick up, and get back on track.

Hey, no one is to blame for this situation you find your self in. It just is. Get over it.

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