After Rumi, Before the Millenium

You go out one morning, ostensibly for coffee.
On the corner, a bus.
Then, a train,
Into the mountains.

All you have lived for,
All you have wondered,
Comes down to this,
A simple departure, horizons.

What is this spirit you seek,
So far from home?
Looking under rocks,
You can find other lives, but no more than that.

Turn around.
Find the end that was 
And remains the beginning,
Under your feet, above your head.

Whoever she is, you are, 
we all soon become, 
Your journey began before the first step.
This time, take your companion.

Soon, the millenium turns;
You will wake up one morning,
Ostensibly, for coffee.
The mountains beckon.

Welcome home.

What are you waiting for?

You have to start somewhere - why not here, and now?

Yes, you are right. Wait for the "right" moment. It's better that way. Safer.

Tom and Huck lit out for the territories with Jim. No regrets. And you?

Mountains? What mountains?

(Travel Sideways)

What do you mean, you're too old? What are you REALLY saying?

Don't wait for the next millenium, Jake.

The storm is coming!

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